Founded in Mar 1973, Isahaya Electronics Industry Co., Ltd..in Kaizu, Isahaya City has been a pioneer in the industrial world as a manufacturer of. Semiconductor development, Design´╝îProduction and Sales . Commenced IC chip visual inspection and production of Hybrid ICs.

1985 Established IDC Co., Ltd. as an engineering Company of Isahaya Electronics Industry Co., Ltd..In Oct 1986 Hybrid ICs Production transferred from Mitsubishi Electric Corp. to IDC.

Key applications
  • Power supplies of IGBT Module
            UPS /Inverter
  • AC Servo Drive
  • Solar & Wind power Generation
  • Home Appliances (Air conditioners /
            Washing machines / Fridges)
  • Welding Machine
  • Induction Heating
Product range
  • IGBT Driver
  • DC-DC Converter
  • IGBT Gate Drive Unit